As a trusted business adviser, my role is to improve the condition of your business. With vast marketing, digital marketing, sales and business development experience – and influence in a strong network of relevant professionals, I am well positioned to make a measurable, positive impact on the growth of your business. Having owned and sold several companies myself, I understand the issues that keep a business owner awake at night – but more importantly, also what actions we need to take to help you enjoy peace of mind.

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The value of performance based consultancy: 

We live in a world where so many agencies and consultants thrive on short term, value-based consultancy. I opted for a different model: If accepting a project, it is because it is worthy of taking a long term view for all stakeholders. Hence I work with a unique model of “performance based consulting”, whereby all rates are justified by the savings we incur for your business and the revenue it will generate. More importantly, with performance based consultancy, I am just as interested as the business owner to achieve measureable results. The bulk of my remuneration comes from performance on agreed milestones, rather than upfront fees.

Efficiency, insight and transparency: 

Like most of my other clients, you will find that during your consultancy experience with me, I  get straight to the point of actionnable advise, do not re-invent the wheel, move swiftly and operate in a transparent fashion. The net result is that you save money and gain valuable tactical skills that can be incorporated into your future business model.


Marketing services offered:

[toggle title=”PPC & CPM marketing campaign management:” state=”close”]

Next level media buying: We can help you run an excellent campaign with optomized ROI across the BingAds/MSN network, Google Adwords search & display as well as Facebook networks, which includes optimal settings to reduce Google Fraud or accidental clicks. This includes B2B campaign management on Linkedin.  We can even train up your team in-house to take over digital campaign management from me. As you will see, I authored highly recommended courses on Lynda/Linkedin & Globalcademy to empower your staff how to manage most advertising campaigns in-house. Digital media buying done right will save your business a fortune. Read more about our pay per click management here.


[toggle title=”Branding:” state=”close”]

Does your branding need a re-vamp? Is it a leaky bucket that results in revenue loss? Let’s work together to fix your branding sooner rather than later in the process.


[toggle title=”Competitive analysis and strategic consulting: ” state=”close”]

Competitive analysis, positioning maps and strategic insight can make a significant impact on business performance. How should you respond to the competition? What are they up to, and how can you pursue a blue-ocean strategy within the market?


[toggle title=”Digital marketing strategy: ” state=”close”]

Are you getting the ammount of traffic you deserve from around the web? Is your online brand metrics indicative of a winning strategy? Are you sure that your website is converting and do you know how to use modern remarketing to re-engage your most prospective users?


[toggle title=”Influencer outreach / Digital PR management / Press relations: ” state=”close”]

As a media owner in sectors such as Health/Medical/Finance/Business/Technology I help my clients to get online PR on unique web properties, which we combine with mainstream coverage on publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post and others. We work directly with journalists, other media owners and outlets to build an exceptional online presense an content marketing strategy for our clients. Our native placements secure long term SEO/SEM value as opposed to pay per click native. Read more about sponsored post content marketing and digital PR here.


[toggle title=”Affiliate mastermind: strategic affiliate development: ” state=”close”]

Forming powerful online alliances with real brands and credible partners is one of the biggest growth hacks of our time – ask me more about implementing this both online and offline. With a background in digital publishing and magazines, you could benefit from some of the solutions I created for clients.


[toggle title=”Content marketing strategy: ” state=”close”]

As an authority on UGC and content planning, we can build a phenomenal content strategy for your business, attracting the clients that you need most and engaging them at multiple levels. Leveraging User-generated content: If you don’t know about habit-forming products and how to solicit user-generated content, you’re going to be amazed by the growth we can bring to your business.


[toggle title=”International business development:” state=”close”]

Expanding into new countries, benefiting from the Trans pacific partnership agreement (TPP) and forming new relationships? New market entry is a must, let’s talk about it in person.


[toggle title=”Web development and strategic SEO: ” state=”close”]


Having a dedicated team which works on my web development projects, with graphic design and integrated marketing communications almost 24/7, I can help you address complex matters swiftly and ultimately gear your systems towards higher conversion rates from your digital assets.


[toggle title=”Database marketing” state=”close”]

Consolidating your marketing efforts through integration with a growing database strategy is at the heart of your success. We deal with all steps ranging from list integration to copywriting, scheduling and funnel optimization for email marketing.


[toggle title=”E-learning and brand avocacy (as a content marketing tactic)” state=”close”]

We can generate thought leadership through a series of online assets, as well as rapidly deploy technology to train your own teams through e-learning production as well as lead-generation for any business (also for education management).


[toggle title=”Digital Marketing Research” state=”close”]

As the author of the popular course “Digital Marketing Research”, I have taught more than 130 000 accountants, PPC managers and marketing staff how to carry out market research in a digital world. We use advanced tools that will leave no stone unturned to find out the details you want about your competitors and the overall market. Reach out to get access to valuable data that will inform your future business decisions.


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