Every business and professional can go through times where crisis communication is necessitated. It is often said that what happens is not nearly as important as how you respond to it – which is something I firmly belief.

Large companies such as BP have employers who respond instantly via the press and social media: that is how they overcame the gulf oil spill disaster. However it is often the smaller business or consultant such as a lawyer, doctor, accountant, real estate agent and many other professionals who have no plan or representative in place to respond adequately by means of a crisis communication plan.

If you think that not responding with crisis communication is the best way forward: this could ruin your business and reputation. By keeping your silence, you allow other media outlets to create an undesired trail of information and it is your duty to combat any negative publicity that arises.

The solution: We offer a resourceful, super responsie service that will serve to re-assure the public about your business and service, counter any negative or false propaganda that arise as a result of the crisis you face and best of all, it dilutes any of the typical crap that the media tries to stick on you in the Google search results. This may not turn back the clock on what happened, but it will help to calm the storm and it is a way of turning negatives into a positive.

Steps we follow during crisis communication:

  1. Immediate online content on authoritative news, business, health and other related websites that serves as your first line of defense
  2. 24/7 Media monitoring for the first 7 days after the event, with adequate responses via social media
  3. A consultation to devise a strategic response, with campaign design.

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Crisis response handling