The concept of influencer outreach revolves around native advertising as a branch of content marketing. Influencers are essentially media owners and voices within your industry, or those with a valued opinion about your product and service. We determine “valued” opinion on the basis of expertise (of the influencer) and follower numbers.

An expertly written influencer article that is distributed to a targeted audience, can have a potency factor that is 30X higher than that of untargeted marketing. More importantly, the resulting acquisition cost can be significantly lower than pay per click, for example:

ClientC pays $45 per click for insurance advertising.

Over 12 months they buy 48K clicks @ $21 600 00.00

ClientA pays $150K for an influencer campaign that ends up in several key media sites.

Over 24 months they receive 70K referral visits

So what do we know about influencer marketing?

In an ideal world, a client would spend 30% of their budget on pay per click – and 70% of their budget on influencer marketing, in the form of guest posts and sound editorial content. There is an important reason for this: what customers read on pay per click results, is what you say about yourself. What custmers read on influencer pieces, is what others say about your business: which ads to credibility and trust. Most customers who find your brand on paid results, will continue to research – they will value the opinion of influencers, which is a sure way of increasing conversion rates.

Another key benefit is this: if your competitors escallate the cost per click to $60 (in the above example) – you can can safely hide behind influencer campaigns, as that will continue to show up in search results without incurring any additional costs.

Over the past few years, we’ve engaged influencers at scale and have several valuable contacts in media pertaining to your business. We offer the following:

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