Your business wants to connect with thousands of new customers online and experience above average results. To do this you need marketing campaign specialists to bring a tactical and strategic advantage in search and display advertising across Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin. They need to report to you regularly with valuable insights.

To take the lead in your market, sophisticated campaigns should be executed affordably, efficiently and distinguish you from the competition.  Customers should be able to find you when they search or when they read online news and other content related to your industry.

Let me take you behind the scenes and share with you how I manage the complete process for our clients around the world. It is a human driven consultative process that requires a high level of expertise, supported by proprietary systems:

We start each campaign by taking the time to understand your ideal customer segments, which includes existing customer profiles and suggestions on new profiles you’re currently missing out on. These are data driven decisions based on keywords, consumer behaviour and competitor data.

We then work out a set of precise targeting criteria depending on the agreed campaign objectives. This covers mobile and all other device categories needed to engage with new customers.

At this point we create compelling ad copy and creative materials that will resonate well with your target audience. We also help you to review your landing pages before launching.

We then proceed with programmatic media buying across major online ad networks on your behalf, so you pay them directly for each visitor. We pass on any savings to you without taking a commission from any platform.

We then set up conversion tracking and goals so that the success of the campaign can be measured. This way we keep track of all the metrics that matter.

The final step is where the real work starts: Everyday we monitor the competitions’ response, the conversion rate, changes in acquisition cost and a string of other metrics. This enable us to optimize your campaign regularly to get you the best results for your budget and to work transparently.

Now you will notice apart from doing this for my own clients, I am also a contracted author and presenter for Linkedin,

Many senior marketing staff of S&P500 companies study and implement the processes I teach, so you can rest assured that cutting edge tactics will be deployed throughout.

Get in touch so we can assess marketing opportunities for your organization and provide an integrated campaign solution to deliver the results you’re after.

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