The marketing channels available to web hosting providers are innovative and diverse. Companies that rely too much on their best channel can quickly run into strategic challenges, particularly due to intense competition. Whilst the transition to cloud hosting offers huge growth opportunities, executing a your campaigns across a diverse portfolio is needed for hosting providers to take the lead.

There can only be a few winners – how determined are you to be one of them?

One of the single biggest differentiators I include in the strategy plan, is a shift from “paid media” to “owned media”. It is a game changer since it reduces the acquisition cost of the complimentary channels discussed below.

Search and Display (Cost per click): Whilst this channel converts well for hosting companies, the cost per click is excessive for. Therefore smarter media buying and the use of remarketing based on the right criteria is essential.

Affiliate marketing: This is an old favourite for the industry and we have great success with affiliate recruitment. The challenge is that competitors with a long view of customer LTV (lifetime value) are becoming increasingly generious with commissions.

B2B targeted campaigns: Our newest addition to the marketing mix which is really powerful. It is the perfect answer to reach key decisionmakers in the right places – and reduces the number of expensive staff usually in the areas of “business development” and “cold calling”.

Channel innovation for owned media: The owned media we create is largely a result of content marketing, it is a proven game changer. We have an in-depth understanding of the customer personas and instead of spending a fortune to acquire media via Google, we shift a large part of the budget into content production that will attract business.

Integrating all the channels successfully and making it a part of your marketing strategy should be your next step. If you’re serious about standing out and taking the lead, we’d love to help you with it. Fill in our contact form to set up a 1:1 call with Adriaan Brits.