The current trend toward increasing segmentation

An increasing trend, particularly now, is that of segmentation. This as the digital marketplace is becoming more niche than before. In addition, people looking for a product can find what they are looking for rather easy, more so, if they cannot find that they are looking for nearby then they will buy the product online […]

Digital marketing audit: How to tackle Google ad fraud and obtain a refund

  Ad fraud or accidental clicks is a serious challenge we face in Digital Marketing. It is estimated that the budget blackhole could be in excess of $30 Billion per annum worldwide with up to 40% of all display advertising being subject to either accidental clicks or invalid traffic where the user never intended to […]

S&P500 client list

Below is a list of S&P 500 executive clients who take my courses and advise:

10 Tips for Remarketing with Google Adwords and Analytics

Marketing campaigns is an art and science, involving several tools to take out the guess work and deliver better results. Recently I discussed B2B campaign management with the focus on Linkedin. There is however situations where retargeting, or “remarketing” as Google prefers to call it, could proof to increase your ROI and help drive better […]

Why Analytics is your best friend

When I start working with new clients, one of the first things we do is to teach the business owner how to read their website Analytics – most of the time through Google Analytics. This helps the client to see what we do for their business in real time – and retrospectively, enable us to […]