Google’s swipe at native advertising: What advertisers and publishers should know

Native advertising can be amazing for your business. If you’re a speed reader needing an executive summary let me briefly say this: “Google Matched Content”, which is an attempt to remain relevant at a time when the market is pivoting towards native advertising, does not work for advertisers nor for publishers. Before backing this up with […]

PPC pay per click digital advertising with Bing, Google, Linkedin and Facebook

Pay per click advertising (PPC) can help you reach thousands of new customers, re-engage old customers and help your brand to stand out from the competition. By spreading your budget across the four main networks, it allows for equal representation and significant budget reductions. Let’s discuss the main advertising networks, followed by digital campaign types: The main […]

Conversion rates with Google remarketing: Does it work?

You should really look into the latest course on Remarketing with Google Adwords and Analytics to pick up some practitioner tips which I taught for Linkedin/Lynda. Below is a discussion I’d like to elaborate on for now: When we work with a large account, an increase of 2% in conversion rates can be as much as […]

Targeted B2B advertising with Linkedin: The sniper ability no other platform offers

There are two facts about Linkedin PPC advertising to consider. One is positive: There is NO other platform that can offer targeted automation like this, especially the ability to reach specific roles; After comparing substantial budgets: it is a terrible converter with a low ROI – and does not come anywhere near Google PPC  – […]

Choice architecture on Facebook – navigate the marketing blackhole

Your business should only use Facebook if a credible ROI is in reach – and you know how to navigate the marketing blackhole: When I work with clients to analyse the user-experience of their e-commerce assets, we always look at how to design the choice architecture to allow for maximum conversion. However when we are […]

All marketers are liars because they are storytellers – Seth Godin

As we constantly hone our business skills and stay up to date with change, exposure to great marketing books are essential. Besides, how can a practitioner maintain that they have 20 years of experience, if they repeated 1 years’ experience for 19 years? Perhaps the most valuable aspect of engaging with marketing literature is that new […]

Tourism marketing case study for a luxury boutique hotel

After a few years of working closely with several key influencers in tourism (travel journalists, media owners, travel bloggers etc.) we have an awesome series of high page rank tourism sites, with authentic publishers who can really promote your destination better than any other form of advertising out there. You should read more about our […]

List of marketing case studies from recent clients

Client confidentiality is as important for a marketing consultant as it is for any other trusted business advisor. For this reason, I have anonymized key client information but still provided you with the results snapshot for each campaign. Please choose a case below to see what we typically do for our clients: Marketing case study […]