Client confidentiality is as important for a marketing consultant as it is for any other trusted business advisor. For this reason, I have anonymized key client information but still provided you with the results snapshot for each campaign. Please choose a case below to see what we typically do for our clients:

  1. Marketing case study for a client in Luxury Tourism
  2. Marketing case study for a client in Financial Services
  3. Marketing case study for SAAS start-up business
  4. Marketing case study of a psychology practise in Michigan

Often we manage large and complex Adword campaigns for multi-national clients, however the cases above demonstrate that working with SME’s can yield an excellent result. For example: When a client has a small business with just a $250K/annum profit but he has intense understanding of his ideal clients and how to optomize his revenue, we can add so many strategic improvements to the existing marketing plan, or brand related improvements, that the business can easily grow by as much as 300%. On the other hand, when we work with a merger where the scale is large and the strategic advantages are significant, the approach is to work with VC’s and see where fusion points can be enhanced, costs can be reduced and shareholder equity be increased.

Feel free to read more about performance based marketing consultancy and get in touch to discuss your business case.

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