Results snapshot:

Revenue results: Our client experienced a 400% Revenue increase within 12 months
Strategic implications: The goal of consulting with a more diverse client base around the world enabled our client to work from home more and enjoy more frequent travelling, with 70% of his consultations now offered via Skype and e-platforms
Client budget: To grow from $140K per year to $420K after remunerating a new member of staff, within 12 months the client spent less than $12000 over 14 months. After achieving his results, we scaled back our consultancy fee from $1000/month to $300/month


My client has a small psychology consultancy in Michigan. His speciality is in executive and performance coaching although he was heavily relient on state funding in the early days. His main aim was to attract a broader client base and work with executives around the world via Skype – so that he can travel more and avoid the winter in Michigan. He also wanted to appoint a new member of staff to take care of his core business in Michigan while he is abroad.

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Action plan:

We started by gaining an in-depth understanding of the type of clients that were of interest. Once we had an accurate profile, we created a content marketing plan that addresses “in part” the typical challenges the clients ask online – which led them to discover a brilliant psychologist online. We then created a highly targeted B2B campaign via Linkedin to suggest specific solutions to executives, which we integrated with the content marketing plan.

The content marketing phase was extended to “earned media”, where we established my client as a thought leader in his field. His name is now linked to several trending topics that his target market reads around the world. His strategies are now mentioned by other influencers in the industry and even e-learning portals that teaches life strategies and coaching programs.

Since the client was able to identify their client, we were able to craft communication that were 100% targeted to the needs and challenges of our audience. As a campaign expert, I really narrowed down on the profiles that matched our criteria which meant that my client was able to shift his “least favored” accounts onto a new recruit, whilst building a new portfolio of clients from around the world who were a better match.

Key enablers:

Project notes:

I thorougly enjoyed helping my client to achieve his goals. We tested sufficient channels to make sure we identify the best strategy early on and delivered a good return on investment. Early on in the project we stumbled upon things that did not work and eliminated it from our list so that we focus exclusively on the high yielding tactics. The principles used in the campaign are rather similar to what I do for accountants, lawyers and wealth advisors when they seek to tarket high net worth individuals and it works like a charm.

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