Over the next 12 months, your accountancy practice can grow between 50 and 150%. The choice is entirely yours! 

One of my personal favourites for growth marketing is accountacy businesses. Over the past few years, I helped several accountants implement incrimental improvements that delivered excellent growth in revenue with expanded client portfolios. Here are the main reasons why I favour working with accountants for growth:

  1. We know exactly what your clients are searching for: By leveraging digital marketing research, we are capable of aligning your content marketing strategy accurately with the search needs of your clients. Using both historic and recent trends, we narrow down to a point where the business can attract precisely the sort of customer it prefers to work with.
  2. Most accountants already know their niche: Whether you specialize in niche areas of accountancy on a nationwide scale, or a broader scope of services in a smaller catchment area, usually accountants have  a pretty clear idea “who” they wish to target as the ideal client. The “how” part of the targeting is where a marketing consultant with exceptional digital experience in the B2B field can make a difference!
  3. We have highly proven acquisition tactics: Having defined profitable acquisition tactics with an efficient return on investment, we are capable of landing new clients at a more affordable rate than your average competitor. This means that growing your market share does not depend on the state of the economy, but rather on your willingness to enagage in ongoing client acquisition and expansion.

Since accountants have first hand experience in the typical budget allocations that support marketing and advertising, we are on the same page: A marketing campaign specialist will always ensure that measurable campaign performance is presented to the finance department, with analytic data and KPI’s that demonstrate incrimental progress.

Typically, when working with an accountant to grow their client base, there are 5 ways in which we achieve strategic growth:

  1. Content marketing: This is a passive way of attracting the exact clients you want to work with. It does not rely on any outbound sales. Instead, we focus on providing clients with the information they search for, answer their questions and demonstrate your expertise as an accountant in the process. Many accountants neither understand or leverage the benefits of content marketing, which is what makes this opportunity even more attractive.
  2. Targeted B2B campaigns: As a marketing campaign specialist, I create campaigns based on highly targeted criteria. This “sniper” effect is again something many of your competitors will not be aware of. This tactic does not create a lot of noise in the market either:  It is a very specific but discreet way of approaching only the right people with the right message, where we ultimately onboard the client without making major news headlines.
  3. Service innovation: Are you winning by design? Providing different service packages at varying pricing points or even recurring billing is something relatively unknown by many accountants. However we are aware of clients switching at an alarming rate when they learn about service innovation. This is considered a “product/service” advantage, which we typically determine after a custom analysis for your accounting business. The implimentation of service innovation can be applied selectively to new clients and does not have to affect your entire client base retroactively. This is a true game-changer for competitive markets.
  4. Positioning as thought leader: Working smarter, not harder? Often accountants who are perceived as thought leaders in a niche area can command a premium fee. This means that by servicing the same client base in a different way, a premium of up to 60% is levied.
  5. Positioning as the problem solver: Understanding the exception to the rule, especially where complex legislation is involved can certainly command a premium fee. We work with you to establish what problems people ask questions about – and to position you as the problem solver across various influencer channels. This method can be used to grow your client base and to command a premium.

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