Lawyers who mainly rely only on referrals from past performance are missing out on so many opportunities today. At we have a high success rate when helping law firms attract the clients they desire most. We have highly targeted strategies suitable for small, niche law firms and large multi-national law firms. This is precisely why we love helping law firms. Below is a report that will share with you the latest insights on how to grow your law firm, by using precise targeting and customer insights. See which 3 segments of users are currently out there trying to find a lawyer – and how to connect them to your firm. 

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Right now there are people who are frantically searching for your services. As a modern digital agency, we use tools and leverage data to establish exactly what audiences are searching for and align the marketing efforts of your legal firm to this audience. We’re capable of zooming in on local or international audiences, depending on the scope of the legal services you offer.

Even if we gave away our entire gameplan, the execution is so precise, that the average marketer and law firm will take a long time to match the sort of results we can produce. Below is an outline of our gameplan which is customised to your specific situation:

3 Tactical insights from high performing marketing campaigns for lawyers: 

  1. We target typical consumers through content and search marketing: Hypothetically, if we know that 50 000 people per day are searching for “divorce lawyers” and 5000 per day search for “lawyers specialising in immigration”, we set up a mix of display and search advertising: Display to feature you alongside the articles they read about the topic – and search advertising to directly connect them to you when they ask Google and Bing for a lawyer. We then take content marketing as far as is required, if you instruct us to do so: We can analyse your best performing competitors and their content – and devise a strategy to take a share of their market. Remember: ordinary people do not read case law! They read articles and blogs to find “tips from experts” – and that is where we position YOU as a thought leader.
  2. We use Linkedin B2B campaigns to reach key business decisionmakers: You may not be interested in targeting the general public. For example, if you are a commercial lawyer, you may want us to go after CEO’s and VP’s of certain organizations are more desirable as ideal clients. By blending B2B marketing into the content marketing mix we design, or using much more direct approaches to reach your target clients, we will make sure the right people become aware of you.
  3. Taking content marketing as far as we take your campaigns: If you instruct us to also work on your content marketing – then we go beyond the mere setup of campaigns with Google, Bing and Linkedin. We actually work with your company to create the sort of content that Linkletters, Goldman Sachs, UBS and other industry leaders leverage to attract sophisticated clients who search for their services. Since we understand the client and their needs, it may also include unsophisticated mass markets if that is whom you need to target as an additional segment.

We work with you on a month to month basis and using us is much more affordable than hiring a Chief Marketing Officer – since you can leverage our entire team. In “marketing campaign management” you will see sample packages of what we do for our clients. However when working with lawyers, we understand that it is not a “one size fits all” solution – and that we need to work with you to leverage all our tools and assets to position you in front of the right client. Our process is transparent: We produce regular reports, video updates and it will be quite educational for you as a business owner to see how we do things! If you are ready to work with a specialised marketing consultant to grow your legal business, reach out below.

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