We all learn from others. It is true off course that you are only as smart as the advise you keep. Today I would like to share a list of notable online instructors and authors. As with any professional opinions, you may not agree 100% with all the submissions made by a notable instructor over time, however I find these individuals to be quite inspiring in one way or another. Note that some may have grown to popularity purely due to massive coupon promotion via platforms such as Udemy, Globalcademy or the old Skillfeed – whereas others already had a massive audience via social media and e-book authoring, which meant that they did not need to provide huge discounts via coupons in order to rise through the rankings.

Here is the list:

Sandor Kiss & Silvio Sucow (Provided great insight on Amazon home businesses)

Tim Godfrey (Another Amazon guru with a big following)

Alun Hill (He is primarily a copywriter, but managed to draw a wide audience for Youtube/Udemy related courses, as well as Amazon FBA)

Josh Gwin (Is popular with learners inerested in home based entrepreneurship and social media)

Jerry Banfield (He’s popularity seems to stem from affordable Facebook traffic, he is passionate about many topics and co-teaches with several professionals)

Rob Percival (Currently a though leader on web development with excellent reviews from a huge community)

Seth Godin (He provides great advise and thought leadership on freelancing – indeed very inspiring)

Grant Cardone (Some people enjoy his sales training courses – which is great for beginners. 10X Rule and other publications are also popular)

Jackie Burgoa (She is highly motivated, frequently found on the Facebook Udemy forum – and gained more than 1000 followers per day – great start)

Joel Natoli (An authority and thought leader on UXD – User experience design)

Barin Cristian Doru (A rapidly rising star in the area of Web design and development)

Diana Kot (She is fast becoming a best-seller for online web design courses – listed as a “new and noteworthy” instructor)

Vanessa Van Edwards (She is well recognized in the area of personal development and behavrioral science – a 5 star performer with online learning)

Lisa Powers (Her Reiki course is currently attracting interest from around the world)

Jimmy Naraine (Watch this space: He has taken it upon himself to become a major hit in the area of personal development)

Stephen Guise (You will only ever find 5-star reviews about him: A well respected authority in his niche)

Barry Mapp (One of the fastest growing personal brands in the self-help category – watch this space. Smart Working is his latest release)

Notable online teachers to watch in the marketing field:

Tim Levy, Christian Spowe, Akash Deep, James Burchill, SO ME Academy, Benjamin Wilson, Matt Jensen, Francesca Stregapede, Richard Berns, Jason Matthews.

Notable names in tech:

Mike Meyers, Peter Dalmaris, Lazaro Dias, Ryan Kroonenburg, Michael Leman.

When choosing online education, most of us would like to invest our time and efforts in learning from highly rated instructors that can make a real difference. Nobody wants to invest in a scam, or waste their time on inefficient or outdated information. Do your own research on the above instructors. I think they are awesome and can teach you a lot.

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