With Google and Bing remarketing, campaign monitoring is essential to drive better conversion rates and return on investment. Now first we can consider Google Adwords users: A good starting point is to use Google Analytics to compare several campaigns and see which campaigns have the highest bounce rate. If your landing pages are of an equal quality and the download speed across all of them are the same, then the problem could be with the targeting of your campaign and not with your website. Often high bounce rates and accidental clicks on display ads can be significantly reduced if we monitor the campaign to see which devices, campaigns and landing pages has the highest bounce rates. I assume that you would agree with earlier assertions we made on remarketing with Google adwords and analytics. 


Now the good news is this: chances are, that with a good remarketing campaign there will be far less accidental or fraudulent clicks than when you use an ordinary Google Display campaign. So let’s consider the best, quickest step to optimize your conversion rate next.

A/B Testing and a genuine understanding of user intent will further enable us make relevant adjustments. Remember, Google will automatically test different versions of our ad copy to display the version that provides more clicks. But you might be more interested in conversions. If you have to serve more specific ad copy that results in less clicks but a higher conversion rate, that is a better business decision. For example a car dealership may change the ad copy from “Free test drive” without a price, to an ad that stipulates the price with favourable financing terms, thereby appealing to the segment of users who can actually afford the product.

In our quest for better conversion optimization, there should be frequent campaign monitoring where we experiment with different targeting critaria, ad copy and landing pages to find out what works best.

Next steps: You can take the remarketing course on Lynda or Linkedin to manage this in-house, this is especially useful training for marketing agencies.

If you need a dedicated campaign manager, read more here about how we can help you.

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