Mobile order-ahead and QSR adoption for automated upselling

EU and USA outlets now accept mobile in-store payments and are also developing e-commerce businesses that support mobile payment options in apps and on mobile websites. Whereas some would say this reduces the personal touch offered by humans, it is argued that personalization is actually easier achieved – at scale, in order to automate the upselling […]

5 Ways to ensure sustainable business growth in competitive markets

We are mostly familiar with the shift in thinking towards browth hacking or “blitz scaling”. However these techniques are best when used as an additional tactic for the business and should not be the basis for an overall strategy. Yes, rapid growth through viral email and social sign-up technology is where the profession of “chief […]

Conversion rates with Google remarketing: Does it work?

You should really look into the latest course on Remarketing with Google Adwords and Analytics to pick up some practitioner tips which I taught for Linkedin/Lynda. Below is a discussion I’d like to elaborate on for now: When we work with a large account, an increase of 2% in conversion rates can be as much as […]

Financial services marketing case study from a client

Results snapshot: Revenue results: Our client experienced an 800% Revenue increase over 16 months with a high return on investment. Grew from a small-time operation to become a prime acquisition target for bigger competitors. Strategic implications: The client shifted to become a media owner and influencer in their field, with a more diverse portfolio of affiliates for […]

Luxury tourism case study from a marketing consultant

Results snapshot: Revenue results: Our client experienced a 300% Revenue increase over 12 months and an decent ROI on their marketing spend Strategic implications: The client is now less reliant on external players and more in control of the strategic direction of their business. Instead of being a “media consumer” they are now “media owners” with their own ecosystem. […]

Start-up marketing case study of SAAS solution provider

Results snapshot: Revenue results: Our client experienced a 1200% Revenue increase over 24 months and an excellent ROI on their marketing spend Strategic implications: The media buzz and thought leadership that now exists around our clients’ software projects them as a market leader that commands a premium price strategy. The user-experience testing resulted in multi-tier pricing that penetrated the […]

10 Tips for Remarketing with Google Adwords and Analytics

Marketing campaigns is an art and science, involving several tools to take out the guess work and deliver better results. Recently I discussed B2B campaign management with the focus on Linkedin. There is however situations where retargeting, or “remarketing” as Google prefers to call it, could proof to increase your ROI and help drive better […]

Targeted B2B advertising with Linkedin: The sniper ability no other platform offers

There are two facts about Linkedin PPC advertising to consider. One is positive: There is NO other platform that can offer targeted automation like this, especially the ability to reach specific roles; After comparing substantial budgets: it is a terrible converter with a low ROI – and does not come anywhere near Google PPC  – […]

Small firms do not hire Marketing Directors: They use specialist consultants

CEO’s of small firms have to align several decisions to the budget and scale of the business. Today, a marketing consultant capable of using advanced analytics and campaign tools is as critical as using a good accountant or lawyer – in fact it could be more important since marketing is the fuel for any business […]

Lead generation for education: Increasing ROI for University and college enrollments

How can Education providers drive down acquisition cost and lift ROI in a hyper-competitive environment? Having been involved with the education sector for a long time, many of my clients and our own portfolio of start-ups were successful at generating education leads in a high CPA environment, meaning that we often sold affordable courses that […]