CEO’s of small firms have to align several decisions to the budget and scale of the business. Today, a marketing consultant capable of using advanced analytics and campaign tools is as critical as using a good accountant or lawyer – in fact it could be more important since marketing is the fuel for any business to grow. Now since CEO’s consider budget and scale, in up to 92% of cases, they do not hire a full-time Marketing Director or CMO. This is understandable and wise – since most CMO’s make their biggest impact within the first 3 months, after which they simply manage relationships, unless off course the e-commerce, affiliate and other marketing automation related functions are present in a business.

So what does the smart CEO do to fill the void of an absent CMO?

A part-time marketing consultant on a retainer, costs a fraction of a full-time CMO in your business. They are also more multi-skilled, exposed to many more business cases, which enable them to provide the CEO with a wider range of powerful options for implementation. Once your marketing consultant becomes familiar with the business, scheduled monthly or even quarterly consultations can really guid the business in a new direction which is critical to your growth.

Things you need to consider when selecting a marketing consultant:

Digital skills: Today, the ability to integrate offline and online marketing through a coherent campaign, to interpret analytic data and report back to a CEO in such a way that they can clearly track the progress of the business is indeed essential.

Internationalization: In a globalised environment, can your marketing consultant help you to reach new markets across various cultures in a way that protects your core business and exposes you to new opportunities?

Flexibility: The business changes daily. Yesterdays’ tactics does not work for tomorrows’ environment and a fresh approach is needed. When we take things back to the drawing board, it is because new tools have become available and we respond adequately in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Performance based consultancy: Marketing consultants who only charge a fixed fee without exposing themselves to the performance of your business is a risk. Please read more about my approach to performance based consultancy. The consultant is there to help you minimize your risk and expenses, and should be personally affected by the advise they give to your business. Make your consultant a stake-holder and experience a far more powerful alliance.

Multi-sector ability: As a MSC qualified marketing consultant, I did case-studies with multiple agencies on a wide range of sectors. Having analysed all these sectors in line with generic strategies, I am in a position to help clients in a range of sectors. For example education, medicine/health, automotive, real estate, financial/insurance, pharmaceutical, luxury brands, travel etc. Being in a media-buying network, I have access to media in several sectors, which is valuable in terms of strategic content marketing and relationship building.

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