B2B Programmatic: Precise and accurate targeting

With the rise of programmatic most PPC campaign managers have a good idea on how to re-engage B2B prospects who are already in the funnel, however there is no authoritative solution yet on a full-funnel approach. We’re about to launch a new course at Linkedin Learning on programmatic advertising foundations where I hope to share […]

PPC campaign management that works for your business

    Your business wants to connect with thousands of new customers online and experience above average results. To do this you need marketing campaign specialists to bring a tactical and strategic advantage in search and display advertising across Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin. They need to report to you regularly with valuable insights. To […]

Digital marketing audit: How to tackle Google ad fraud and obtain a refund

  Ad fraud or accidental clicks is a serious challenge we face in Digital Marketing. It is estimated that the budget blackhole could be in excess of $30 Billion per annum worldwide with up to 40% of all display advertising being subject to either accidental clicks or invalid traffic where the user never intended to […]

Buy your competitors’ list from Facebook – why form a partnership?

If we have worked together on any campaign related project, you would have gathered that I am less keen on Facebook Ads because unlike Google which is considered search marketing, Facebook is display advertising. However we should be prepared to make the exception to the rule: And this is precisely where  I would start when a client […]

Choice architecture on Facebook – navigate the marketing blackhole

Your business should only use Facebook if a credible ROI is in reach – and you know how to navigate the marketing blackhole: When I work with clients to analyse the user-experience of their e-commerce assets, we always look at how to design the choice architecture to allow for maximum conversion. However when we are […]