B2B Programmatic: Precise and accurate targeting

With the rise of programmatic most PPC campaign managers have a good idea on how to re-engage B2B prospects who are already in the funnel, however there is no authoritative solution yet on a full-funnel approach. We’re about to launch a new course at Linkedin Learning on programmatic advertising foundations where I hope to share […]

5 Essential types of Remarketing with Google

Before you would set up a remarketing campaign, it is worth considering the 5 different types of remarketing that is available with Google. I would certainly suggest you find live examples in order to understand  how each campaign would appear to potential customers.  When we set up such a campaign for your business, I typically share previews with clients […]

ROI booster: Adjusting your remarketing campaign for better performance

With Google and Bing remarketing, campaign monitoring is essential to drive better conversion rates and return on investment. Now first we can consider Google Adwords users: A good starting point is to use Google Analytics to compare several campaigns and see which campaigns have the highest bounce rate. If your landing pages are of an equal […]

10 Tips for Remarketing with Google Adwords and Analytics

Marketing campaigns is an art and science, involving several tools to take out the guess work and deliver better results. Recently I discussed B2B campaign management with the focus on Linkedin. There is however situations where retargeting, or “remarketing” as Google prefers to call it, could proof to increase your ROI and help drive better […]