PPC campaign management that works for your business

    Your business wants to connect with thousands of new customers online and experience above average results. To do this you need marketing campaign specialists to bring a tactical and strategic advantage in search and display advertising across Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin. They need to report to you regularly with valuable insights. To […]

The future of search bid adjustments?

Current bid adjustments on BingAds and Google Adwords made great strides, but if there is one future request which can only materialize by combining the capabilities of BingAds and Linkedin (following the Microsoft acquisition), then that would be a “bid adjustment” based on the job role of the searcher.  The current situation: Role based advertising […]

Some brand evangelism after a stunning performance by Microsoft

Brands do not require much evangelism when their strategy represents an ace and such is the case with Microsoft. It was quite recent when Peter Thiel said “a bet on Microsoft is a bet against technology”. Yet in view of the stunning performance we saw from Microsoft, I would say that fortunately he was wrong in […]

ROI booster: Adjusting your remarketing campaign for better performance

With Google and Bing remarketing, campaign monitoring is essential to drive better conversion rates and return on investment. Now first we can consider Google Adwords users: A good starting point is to use Google Analytics to compare several campaigns and see which campaigns have the highest bounce rate. If your landing pages are of an equal […]