Ad fraud presentation at the Sigma conference

Below is a transcript of the presentation made at the iGaming summit in Malta. I want to share this with the marketing community and all the PPC practitioners who work around the clock globally:   “It is an honour to be in a room with great people today. In our mobile first digital world, many […]

Epic PPC changes to act on right away

Google rolled out a major change that will affect every business. Chief finance officers should be the ones to take note sooner than later. *HINT: Anyone applying big data to the incrimental increase in CPC that will affect businesses globally would probably head on to become an investor in Google. If you continue PPC conversion […]

B2B Programmatic: Precise and accurate targeting

With the rise of programmatic most PPC campaign managers have a good idea on how to re-engage B2B prospects who are already in the funnel, however there is no authoritative solution yet on a full-funnel approach. We’re about to launch a new course at Linkedin Learning on programmatic advertising foundations where I hope to share […]

How to develop an integrated SEO and PPC strategy for e-commence

As marketers we what to get the max out of our digital marketing reach and we can when we use an integrated SEO and PPC approach for our e-commerce campaigns. That sounds like a bit of a contradiction, PPC and SEO combined. They are completely different processes right. Sort of, but they are just two […]

Google’s swipe at native advertising: What advertisers and publishers should know

Native advertising can be amazing for your business. If you’re a speed reader needing an executive summary let me briefly say this: “Google Matched Content”, which is an attempt to remain relevant at a time when the market is pivoting towards native advertising, does not work for advertisers nor for publishers. Before backing this up with […]

PPC campaign management that works for your business

    Your business wants to connect with thousands of new customers online and experience above average results. To do this you need marketing campaign specialists to bring a tactical and strategic advantage in search and display advertising across Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin. They need to report to you regularly with valuable insights. To […]

The future of search bid adjustments?

Current bid adjustments on BingAds and Google Adwords made great strides, but if there is one future request which can only materialize by combining the capabilities of BingAds and Linkedin (following the Microsoft acquisition), then that would be a “bid adjustment” based on the job role of the searcher.  The current situation: Role based advertising […]

PPC pay per click digital advertising with Bing, Google, Linkedin and Facebook

Pay per click advertising (PPC) can help you reach thousands of new customers, re-engage old customers and help your brand to stand out from the competition. By spreading your budget across the four main networks, it allows for equal representation and significant budget reductions. Let’s discuss the main advertising networks, followed by digital campaign types: The main […]