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Influencer outreach service – guaranteed results

The concept of influencer outreach revolves around native advertising as a branch of content marketing. Influencers are essentially media owners and voices within your industry, or those with a valued opinion about your product and service. We determine “valued” opinion on the basis of expertise (of the influencer) and follower …

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Small brand power and the lessons for big brands

As many consumers are being ignored by big brands, the vacuum is being filled by smaller brands that are observing and hearing what these consumers are looking and demanding. This, as smaller brands with the use of the internet are building powerful connections with their customer base. After all, is …

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The perfect marketing mix for ISP’s / web hosting providers

The marketing channels available to web hosting providers are innovative and diverse. Companies that rely too much on their best channel can quickly run into strategic challenges, particularly due to intense competition. Whilst the transition to cloud hosting offers huge growth opportunities, executing a your campaigns across a diverse portfolio …

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